Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Painting Workshop Update

Just a quick note to let you know that I will no longer be offering painting workshops at King of Prussia Michaels store. However, I will continue to schedule classes, about once a month, at the Conshohocken store. Click on the "Painting Workshop" tab (above) for details.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Landscape Painting Workshop Wed at 6pm, Jan15th

Years ago, when I visited Louisiana, I saw trees with Spanish Moss hanging from them, as seen in this painting. I really love that stuff! I wish it grew here in Pennsylvania. It doesn't though. Too cold.

I'm getting things ready prepping for my first painting workshop of 2014 tonight. Shall I teach how to paint this image? Or another? I am still deciding. Whatever we paint, it WILL be a landscape; of that you can be sure.

There will be plenty of room for more people, so if you are interested in coming, just come earlier than 6pm so that you have time to register, and get your supplies. (You are given a supply list when you sign up.)

Workshop is held at Michaels King of Prussia Store
200 deKalb Pk King of Prussia PA 19406

One class is $25, you get 10% off supplies for the class with proof of payment [supply list].

Start and finish a painting in two hours, learning some tips along the ride!
Enjoy the Color,.... -Jeanne
...If you have questions about the workshop, you can read more details about it on this blog. just click the links above with the word "Workshop". You can also call the store (phone number above)

Monday, December 23, 2013

I Wrote This a Few Year's Back...

It still applies!...

          A Wish for You

I wanted to send you a holiday card
To wish you glad tidings and a great New Year's start.
But alas! there's no time! with the hustle and bustle
of Christmas preparedness. Oh such a fussle!

There's shopping and wrapping and baking and kissing
Folks under the mistletoe. Now what am I missing?
Oh yeah, there's the tree to be bought and set up,
And the lights to be strung, then hot cocoa in cup.

There's hardly a minute to spare to go paint
Inside me a voice yells, "C'mon, I can't wait!
To pick up that brush and create some nice art!
Then frame it and show it with all of my heart."

Oh, one day I do hope that things will slow down
So I can paint more and do more for the town.
A mural perhaps, at the Little League park,
Or a faux for the day care, a light tan on dark!

Until then I wish from the depths of my soul
That everyone gets what they wished for, not coal,
But joy, love and peace in this world that we live
And a magical Christmas with spirit to give!

                -Jeanne Guerin-Daley

Sunday, December 01, 2013

In honor of mi Primo, Javier Guibert

So, tonight, a tidbit of my life, of my heritage, and of my 'familia.' (in honor of my cousin Javier)

I took a bag of chocolate morsels which I bought today with the intention of some possible holiday cookie baking. I opened the bag, tipped a handful into my hand and poured the rest into a mason jar for easy storage. (Easy to get when wanted, yet easy to keep fresh!)

Then I remembered that we still had a half a loaf of what we refer to in our house as "good bread". "Good bread" means that European style (French, Italian, no matter, as long as it ain't -no offense to Wonder, but- "Wonder bread" or "air bread") . . . I'm talking about that long loaf, skinny or fat, but it gets baked fresh at the store where it is bought, has minimal -if any- preservatives and chemicals added, and tastes like Spain.  (Or, if you're of italian blood, tastes like Italy. or if you're of French descent, tastes like Paris.... you get my drift?) It has a nice crust, a chewy texture and wonderful fresh taste.

So I sliced a piece off of the bread, tore a chunk off and stuffed it into my mouth along with a handful of those chocolate morsels and oh, man! Instant merienda!

Although the quality of ingredients is certainly different, that same taste is there! When I was six years old, my Spanish mom and my South Philly dad took me and all my siblings over to Spain for a summer. Being six at the time, I don't remember too much, but I DO remember the taste of "merienda!"
It wasn't until many years later that I learned the term "merienda" referred to the meal. It meant a midday meal, kinda like the American "lunch".

But to me, back when I was six, in Madrid, they gave us chunks of really good chocolate and pieces of really good bread. We ate them together and it was - oh, heaven!. There is nothing like it in the whole world, the taste of chocolate and bread together. (If someone could package that taste they just might have another Reese's legacy on their hands!)

     . . . Hola, Nani! Que tal?!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chestnutwold Craft Fair-Dec 6-7th, 2013

Hi, Folks,

I will be selling hand-crocheted items and fine art note cards at the Chestnutwold Crafts Fair. Friday, Dec 7-9pm and Sat Dec 7th, from 9am to 1:30pm. 630 Loraine St, in Ardmore. If you're out holiday shopping, stop on in!

 The note cards will feature images of various pieces of artwork which I have created over the years. I might decide to also have on display some of my smaller pieces of art. (I haven't decided on that yet.)

Some of the crocheted items are: baby booties, baby hats (some that match and can be bought as a set). There are many different colors and styles and sizes from which to choose. I also have a smaller selection of larger (adult-size) hats, and some in toddler sizes. 


 Other items which I have been crocheting are pairs of fingerless gloves in several different colors. I see them everywhere these days! So many folks are so glued to their phones, tablets and Kindles that gloves that allow freedom of movement for your fingers are a handy thing to own.
And hair scrunchies galore! I have over fifty different ones at last count. For a mere five bucks, you can throw one in your hair (Or grab a few different colors for an affordable gift to a long-haired loved one.)

  There will be many other vendors there, and they will have a raffle table, too.

If you plan to go, here are the details:

What: Crafts Fair
Where: Chestnutwold Elementary School
When: Friday evening, December 6th from 7 until 9pm, and Saturday, December 7th, from 9am till 1:30pm

Chestnutwold Elementary School is at 630 Loraine Street in Ardmore. w Loraine runs perpendicular to Haverford Road. The school is a few blocks north of Haverford Road and Loraine, near Ardmore Junction.

(I placed a link to a map on the above address. I hope it works.)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Riverbend Recharge

 Camping Recharges my Soul!

This afternoon, I returned home from a camping trip with some family and friends. It was a much-needed recharge for me, a nature refill for my soul. Nature's beauty never fails to disappoint there.

I returned the gift of being able to enjoy such a lovely place, with giving a full weekend of creative productivity.* 

 During daylight hours, I set up an easel and painted a nearby tree scene.

It was a lovely spot, just a few steps away from the campfire. This allowed me to focus on painting, while at the same time, being a part of the conversations of the group around the campfire. 

In the distance, past the pine trees, was a tree with bright golden colored leaves. That caught my eye, and the sunlit patches on the foreground leading up to the tree, was what made my decision to paint the scene.

I was hoping to finish the painting on site, but I wasn't able to. This pic shows my progress on Saturday.
The painting is much more developed now; just haven't had the chance to photograph it again yet.

*When I lost daylight, I crocheted by flashlight* - my latest product: fingerless gloves.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

New Images to Paint

I am gearing up prepping for this fall's painting classes at Michaels.
Working up some new images to paint.

My garden provides me with much image material! I was out taking more close ups today.

Would you like to join us in painting?

Register in store or online, (but please do so 24 hours beforehand .)